31 March 2008

Believing in Miracles

Please join us in praising God for another chance at starting our family!  You can see our beautiful angel here in this ultrasound photo.  The Dr. tells us everything is going perfect so far and the baby is measuring right on target.  This is such sweet news for us as we never had a good ultrasound in the past.  Another good sign is how sick I've been!  Believe me this is no fun...but, after seeing the little one squirming on Wednesday it's totally worth it.

Today I am 9 weeks along, so I am not out of the "scary" first trimester yet.  We decided to go ahead and share our news anyways.  If there is one thing we have learned with all of our losses last year (the greatest of course being our dear Lisa) it's that there are no guarantees in this life.  No matter who or what we attach ourselves to there are no promises that we can hold on to it for the rest of our days. 

So Kit and I have decided to celebrate this life growing in me for as long as it chooses to stay with us.  This is something that doesn't necessarily come naturally for me.  I think I tend to lean towards worry in most situations.  But, I am taking this chance to learn from Lisa and bring her legacy to life.  During the year and a half she battled with leukemia she endured several different treatments.  And after every treatment she began living and planning and believing that the treatment was going to work.  Never once did she say, "Oh well, this probably won't work anyways, what's the point of making plans."  No, she always chose to believe and she always chose to live.

So this is me...attempting to bring this practice into my own life.  I hope this finds you all well...and believing in miracles for your own life.