27 July 2008

26 Weeks

This week I got BIG!  I mean, I can really tell a difference in my size and the way my body is carrying the weight.  I find myself doing all kinds of stereotypical pregnant woman things like struggling to get off the couch and up out of our low-sitting platform bed.  That was when I new something had shifted...when it was hard to get out of bed.  But, I am still loving my growing belly!  I am definitely not to the point where I am so huge I am miserable.  In fact, I still don't feel like my belly is all that big compared to other parts of my body.

We've taken to calling the little one "Baby B" or just "B".  Choosing a name is proving to be much harder than I thought it would be.  It's very important to me to have a name that both Kit and I like and feel connected to.  But so far our favorites aren't exactly matching up.  I'm starting to think this may be a delivery day decision.  So until then...she'll be B.

I had another Dr's appointment this week and things are still looking good.  I got to hear B's heart beating again and it was thumping away at 140 bpm.  Mama's blood pressure is good too.  I had to do the 1 hour glucose tolerance test which is what they use to test for gestational diabetes.  You drink this really syrupy drink that tastes like thick, sugary gatorade and then wait an hour.  Then they take some blood and run the test.  I haven't heard anything back from the Dr. yet...so, I'm assuming that's good.

Well, with the help of many wonderful friends Kit's party was a success!  He had a great time...and that's really all that matters in my book.  We had a good representation of new friends from Philips and Trinity along with our old faithfuls.  For everyone that came and brought food, gifts and hugs...Thank You!!!  You all made this a very special birthday for Kit.  He was beaming all weekend and said over and over how much fun he had.  Thanks for helping me give him something he will always remember.

24 July 2008

mosaic of me

This is a fun game I've seen on a couple of blogs I read.  If you want to play, here's how you do it...Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search, using only the first page, choose your favorite image, copy and paste each of the URL’s into the mosaic maker (3 columns, 4 rows).

The questions:
1. What is your first name? (Laura)
2. What is your favorite food? (Mexican)
3. What high school did you attend? (Brookwood)
4. What is your favorite color? (Light Blue)
5. Who is your celebrity crush? (James McAvoy)
6. Favorite drink? (Pinot Noir)
7. Dream vacation? (Italy)
8. Favorite dessert? (Chocolate Souffle)
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? (Yoga Instructor)
10.What do you love most in life? (Husband)
11. One word to describe you. (Tender)
12. Your Flickr name. (Ta Fille)

23 July 2008

Happy Birthday, Love!

Kit & Paul rocking out in Nashville~age 20

Kit teaching Willis the robot in Africa~age 29
Welcome to your 30's, sweet love!  You have a very big year in front of you.  What a way to usher in a new decade!  I hope you know how proud I am of who you are and what you've accomplished since I've known you.  You are an inspiration to me and so many around you.  I pray that your next decade brings you new challenges and opportunities to grow.  Happy birthday!

20 July 2008

24-25 Weeks

These past two weeks I've felt as giddy as a school girl in love.  More and more I am feeling baby girl's movements and they never cease to stop me in my tracks.  I can feel them from the outside at least once a day.  And Kit even felt his first kick the other day!  He was so cute.  He just looked up at me with big eyes and said, "Was that it??"  Oh yes, dear, that was it...the first of many.

I am also feeling soooooo much better!  Thanks to Dr. Caroline's magic, my back is like new.  Well, maybe not quite like new...but, I am able to get through my day now with very little discomfort.  Thank you Dr. C!  And without the back pain, I am finally feeling the "second trimester bliss" everyone always talks about.  My energy is renewed and I'm feeling great.  This is definitely helping me get through my days at work.  I'll take it while I can!

Well, you all will be proud of me.  I braved Babies R Us today.  And with the help of my sweet Mom I started my registry.  It actually went better than I expected.  I only had a few overwhelming moments...mostly when I had to choose between several brands of something.  Like, you wouldn't believe how many different kinds of monitors there are!  Give me a break, people...do we really need a $200 monitor that works across state lines??  But now that my registry is all set up I can add and remove things online.  Gotta love technology!

Of course the highlight of the past two weeks was our trip to Charleston.  And I am so glad I was feeling good while we were there.  The next few weeks are going to be busy, busy!  Kit's 30th birthday is coming up...I've got to get ready for his party next Saturday...and Sonya is here for two weeks!  No time for laying around.  Hope you all are enjoying your summer as much as I am!

17 July 2008


This past weekend Kit & I got to spend several days just the two of us in Charleston, SC. We had a fabulous time touring the city, playing & relaxing on the beach and just enjoying each other's company. This will be our last little get-away (as just a couple) we'll have before baby girl joins our family. Although I do know she is very blessed to have two sets of ready & willing grandparents...so, mommy & daddy should have no problems having romantic weekends in the future. ;)

One of the activities we enjoyed most was a
walking church tour through one of the most historic parts of town. I know we are big nerds...but, it really was cool & interesting. The first two pictures are from our favorite church that we visited, Circular Congregational Church. They had 1,000 origami cranes hanging at the front of the church which were called the 1,000 Cranes of Peace. Kit mentioned that he would love to do something like this in baby girl's room. I think it would be beautiful. So, if anyone has origami skills they want to share...hook us up! ;) Another interesting thing about the old churches was the graveyards that were around them. Some of them had graves from the 1700s. You could really see a difference in how "tombstone art" has changed over the years.

We spent one day doing activities in the city and 2 days hanging out at the beach. It was the perfect combination of activity and relaxation. I have been so blessed to have a companion who enjoys doing the same things as I do. So, when we go on vacations we never have any disagreements over what we should do. Plus, Kit's been working so hard lately...I think we were both just glad to have uninterrupted time together. This trip was just what we needed to gear up for all the preparations we're going to be focused on for the next 3 months.

1,000 Cranes of Peace

Beautiful tree covered with Spanish Moss in old graveyard

Kit standing outside of an 11 foot door at a colonial home

Kit on the trolley after a long day in the Charleston sun

Rockin the 24 week belly

Enjoying a peaceful moment in a big swing on the harbour

Playing at the beach

07 July 2008

22-23 Weeks

Here is my 5 month belly!  I'm finally starting to feel like I'm looking pregnant and not just chubbers.  Yay!  I feel a little weird posting a picture of just me...but, I want to remember how I look as baby girl is growing, growing.  I have to admit that I'm not thrilled with the way my body has chosen to carry all of this new weight.  I look at other cute, little pregnant women and feel a little jealous that all their weight sits beautifully right on their basketball belly.  Meanwhile I am just packing it on all over...arms, face, chest.  And my belly is growing awfully slow.  Ah well, just another lesson in lack of control!

For the past two weeks my back pain has increased to a really bad level.  After spending the latter half of my day off last Monday lying on the couch...I decided that was enough.  I have been having pretty consistent mid-back pain since the beginning of May.  I'm not sure what I thought was going to happen...It would just go away?  Well, after Monday I was desperate.  I knew I couldn't spend 4 more months on the couch.  So, I found a chiropractor and started treatments.  Dr. Caroline specializes in pregnancy chiropractics and I'm hopeful that she can help me heal.

As with most significant and formative events in life, I have not experienced pregnancy the way I thought I would.  I have been very healthy and relatively active my whole life.  I rarely get sick or injured and have been blessed to be able to run, walk and practice yoga with little difficulty.  I guess I always figured I would have an easy, active pregnancy with little physical difficulties.  Oh no, pregnancy has been a whole different world for me.  First it was the nausea, which was completely debilitating.  Then came the back pain, which has given me a new appreciation for people who have to navigate this type of pain day in and day out.  It's really difficult to find energy and motivation when you're in this kind of pain.  So, I am praying my sessions with Dr. Caroline will bring some healing and relief.

But in the midst of the pain, I can't help but feel so much joy and gratitude.  Especially when I feel baby girl kick!  This week I felt her kick from the outside for the first time.  It was so cool!  I called Kit over and quickly put his hand on my belly to give him a feel...but, of course she got shy.  She's been pretty quiet since that night which has had me a little worried.  But, I'm thinking maybe she's having a growth spurt or something and she's storing up her energy.  I can't wait for Kit to be able to feel her kick.  I don't think he really believes that I can feel her moving around. ;)

I finally broke down and bought a body pillow last week.  My hope is that it will help me with  my attempts to sleep on my side.  So far...not so good.  First of all, there's something about sleeping on my side that really aggravates my back pain and it just plain hurts.  And it feels FINE when I'm lying on my back (go figure).  So even when I can manage to fall asleep on my side (which is rare)...inevitably, when I wake up I'm on my back.  Kit's so funny.  One morning after I got the pillow he said, "So, if I come to bed and see that you're on your back should I wake you up and make you move?  I don't want you to die."  Always the protector!

Overall the past two weeks I've been pretty overwhelmed and wrapped up with everything that needs to be done in the next few months.  This is the main reason I've been such a bad blogger.  Lately when I've been at the computer I've been too busy researching this new world of baby "stuff" that we are slowly entering.  And for those of you who know me well, you can imagine that this has been more than a little overwhelming for the anti-shopper, non-decision-maker in me.  My friend Cindy gave me some very reassuring advice.  She refers to the myriad of stuff looming at Babies R Us as "little luxuries".  And she is quick to assure me that while there are very helpful items available that our mothers and grandmothers never had...what baby girl needs more than anything is her mommy and daddy.  The marketers at these stores are very clever.  They know just how to make a young, inexperienced mother feel like she "needs" their product in order to give her baby the best.  So, my new mantra in the face of all these messages is, "This baby is going to be just fine no matter what 'things' we have or don't have when she arrives."

Unlike the never-ending days of the first trimester, time is starting to go by so quickly.  And even with the challenges my body is giving me I already feel like it's going by too fast.  Don't get me wrong, I am so looking forward to meeting this girl and having her here in my arms.  But, there is something so precious about what is going on in my body and it feels like it's going to be over in just another minute.  Thank you, God, for each new day I get to carry our growing girl.  Please help me to cherish every moment and hold on to this glorious dance of the miraculous.