16 July 2009

Goodnight sweetheart...

Dear Zoë,
Now that you're sleeping like a real person...is it blasphemous to say that I miss you?  I check on you every hour or so until I go to bed.  And I can't believe how long you look sprawled out in your crib.  I made your daddy lower your mattress down a few weeks ago after a traumatic dream I had that you hurled yourself out of it.  But, no worries, you are safe from that now.  So finally after *several* nights of fussing and crying you have given in to the almighty power of sleep.  And no joke, you are sleeping a good 12 hours now.  Sometimes you wake for a 4am snack...but, for the most part you are just sleeping away the whole night.  So now here we are...all my wishes for sleep come true.  And I sit here...alone...missing you.
Love you,

09 July 2009

Letter From the Editor

Dear Faithful Readers~
I am writing to ask forgiveness for my lack of posting and for keeping you in complete Zoë cuteness withdrawal.  I know I have become a dreadful dead-beat blogger and I chastise myself daily for it.  Our days have become filled with strolling, lunch with friends, trips to the park & zoo and running errands.  And, as usual, our nights are filled with crying, frequent waking and not enough good sleep.  We've been busy loving on friends and family...sharing good times and difficult times.  And subsequently I've let the days get away from me (only writing blog posts in my head while Zoë is having her usual 2am meltdown).  I have several unfinished posts that I'm going to work on over the next few weeks.  So keep an eye out in the coming days to see the lost archives of May & June.

And in the meantime, please accept this offering as a contrite token for my bad blogging behavior.

Zoë learns to crawl from Kit Hughes on Vimeo.

Yours truly,

Mama Laura