16 July 2009

Goodnight sweetheart...

Dear Zoë,
Now that you're sleeping like a real person...is it blasphemous to say that I miss you?  I check on you every hour or so until I go to bed.  And I can't believe how long you look sprawled out in your crib.  I made your daddy lower your mattress down a few weeks ago after a traumatic dream I had that you hurled yourself out of it.  But, no worries, you are safe from that now.  So finally after *several* nights of fussing and crying you have given in to the almighty power of sleep.  And no joke, you are sleeping a good 12 hours now.  Sometimes you wake for a 4am snack...but, for the most part you are just sleeping away the whole night.  So now here we are...all my wishes for sleep come true.  And I sit here...alone...missing you.
Love you,

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