12 September 2010


Dear Little Bit~
Tonight I am full of anticipation and excitement. Probably the most anticipation I've felt in a long time. For tomorrow, Little Bit, we get a small glimpse at how our family will be changed in just 4 1/2 more months. We've had two sneak peeks at you as a little bean. And oh, how you already have melted our hearts. While there is a certain sweetness in the mystery of not knowing what you are yet....we are all ready to start dreaming of who and what you will bring to our family.

8 weeks

In many ways, this pregnancy has been a lot like Zoë's. I've been very nauseous, tired and I'm already gaining weight all over. I started feeling little flutters at about 16 weeks. And in the past week or so I began feeling full on kicks. Daddy even felt you kick for the first time last night! And let me tell you, it never gets old.

In some ways I am more relaxed and laid back than I was with Zoë. I know what is to come and I know I can handle it. And I know most of my worry was needless. But, in some ways I am even more terrified than before...because I know what is to come and I have no idea if I can handle it while lovingly parenting your sweet toddler sister. I do find much comfort in the fact that so many mothers do this everyday....with much greater challenges that I have. So I think we'll be just fine.

12 weeks

Little bit, you are this Mama's dream come true. Oh, how blessed I feel to be able to carry you so close and nurture you as you grow. And whether you are a little prince or princess you will complete our family.


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ryanandlesli said...

So sweet! I know you will be so much more than "just fine". You are an awesome mama to Zoë and will be the same to this little one. Can't wait to hear if the baby is a niece or nephew! Love you all!